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EUSAS Lecture Series // Arturo Tedeschi // 'Hyper-Meritocracy'

'Hyper-Meritocracy and Architecture' In his controversial book “The average is over” Tyler Cowen argues that modern world is on the cusp of a sea change, brought on largely by the rise of artificial intelligence (AI). That machine intelligence will kill most middle-class jobs, as well as the broad prosperity that has characterised advanced economies since the ’50s. In this sort of social Darwinism the survivors will be those whose skills complement those of the new technologies. One side effect of the rise of automation is that everything we do can will become measurable. In other words, winners will prevail through a process of “hyper-meritocracy” based on measurable skills. Architecture is a field where innovation is very slow and, though architects have always seen change as an opportunity, it is demonstrated a skills gap within architecture around technology and digital aspects of design and construction. Quoting Cedric Price: “technology is the answer, but what was the question?”. What will be the lifeline for architecture allowing a redistribution of work and wealth? Technology is the answer: in terms of new skills and renewed competencies on techniques by which tomorrow’s architecture will be designed and constructed. From parametric design and AAD (algorithms-aided design), to automated manufacturing, to “big data” analytics and virtual/augmented reality, computation will be increasingly important as a tool in our environment (built and virtual). Architects should see computation as a technology leading to a crucial shift in industry and society and, more radically, one that can change the way they work. Far from the current individualistic tendency, a new profession could arise, based on the hyper-meritocracy paradigm extended to the large majority of design-professionals

Speaker: Ben Channon
6:30 - 7:30 (doors open at 6:15)
Adam House Lecture Theatre
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